about us

about us

Who are we:

We at Advanced Computers & printers have been in business since 2007 We Repair buy & sell Computers Printers and cell phones We do our best and know that you cannot please everyone but i guarantee you this that no one can fix it faster than us. This is because i rajeev mehra am the owner and always take care of my customers and treat them the way i would want to be treated You can always park behind my car or in front of the front door parallel to it. We save you many ways if you come in i can always show you how in what many ways.

We strive to provide exceptional services to each client to satisfy their requirements and deliver them what they desire the most when it comes to technology.

We understand the hurdles, the problems, and the acquisition requirement of our customers to understand the ever-changing technology platform. We have a skilled team who are trained, cooperative, and experienced. We are 24/7 ready to help you meet all your challenges. Our goal is to deliver our clients robust, secure, and efficient data technology help that supports their existing processes and classes them to take advantage of new technologies to maintain their competitive edge.

Our History:

our technology focus

We started our journey as a technology service provider 15 years ago with minor steps toward advancement. Back in the days when we purchased advanced computers and printers, we were not known much in the area but as the years passed we have become Southbay’s most prominent cellphone and internet service provider. And, our service list does not end here, we also fix computers, cell phones, and printers. We proudly claim that Southbay counts on Advanced computers and printers to assist their businesses in every aspect.