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Advanced Computers & Printers is renowned for printer repair in Hawthorne, CA. We are certified technicians who can efficiently fix any printer issues you are facing, including paper jams, network connectivity problems, print quality issues, and more. 

Whether it is a home printer, office printer, or large commercial printer, we have the expertise to repair all major brands and models.

Expert Printer Repair Services in Hawthorne

Our Wide-Ranging Printer Repair Services In Hawthorne

Advanced Computers & Printers offers a wide range of printer repair and maintenance services, ensuring your printer works smoothly –

  • Troubleshooting and Repairing of Mechanical & Electrical Issues: Our adept technicians excel in identifying and rectifying both mechanical and electrical glitches that may impede your printer’s performance. Whether it’s a mechanical malfunction or an electrical hiccup, we swiftly diagnose and fix the issue to restore your printer’s optimal functionality.
  • Replacement or Repair of Printer Parts: When it comes to printer parts, we offer comprehensive solutions. From replacing worn-out heads, belts, and rollers to expertly repairing damaged components, our services ensure your printer operates with precision and longevity.
  • Cleaning and Deep Maintenance: Experience improved performance with our meticulous cleaning and deep maintenance services. We remove accumulated dust and debris, optimizing your printer’s functionality and extending its lifespan.
  • Network Setup and Printing Problem Diagnosis: Our experts handle network setup seamlessly, ensuring your printer integrates seamlessly into your network. Additionally, we specialize in diagnosing printing problems, swiftly identifying and resolving issues to keep your printing processes running smoothly.


Besides repair, we provide services for all branded printers in Hawthorne, ensuring you get easy, reliable, and cost-effective replacement.

Why Choose Us For Your Printer Repair Needs?

We are a trusted name in the industry with 10+ years of experience. Our team consists of certified technicians with extensive experience for printer repair in Hawthorne. Count on us for efficient and precise solutions tailored to your printer’s unique requirements.  

We understand the importance of swift resolutions. Our commitment to a quick turnaround minimizes downtime, allowing you to resume normal operations promptly. Experience a personalized touch throughout the repair process. We prioritize transparent communication and keep you informed every step of the way.

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