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with Kodi 17.1

Amazon Fire TV Loaded w/ Kodi 17.1, Navi-X, Icefilms, Exodus, Phoenix, Ccloud, Castaway, 1Channel, Adult Contents, and Live Sporting Events + Free High Quality 8 Ft. HDMI Cable

The Amazon Fire TV is the best console to run Kodi on since its full 1080 HD 2 gb of ram and a quad core processor which makes the Fire TV super quick. A lot more times faster than apple TV 2 which can only display 720 resolution and sometimes it doesn’t run XBMC so smoothly since it has a slower processor and less ram.


Advanced Computers & Printers is one of the first Lawndale computer repair companies to open its doors in the South Bay and we have been performing computer repair since 1987. We can repair all major brands and makes of computers, laptops, iPhones and desktops, business machines, tablets, and other cell phones and Macintosh/Apple computers. We are your one stop shop for computer repair in Lawndale, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hawthorne.

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